African Blackwood Cigar Punch




So I bought a wood lathe and have been trying my hand at turning wood and acrylic projects.
Since we are Cigar prop, I figured I’d make some cool cigar stuff. We now have cigar punches and nub tools made from high-grade acrylic and wood.
These cigar punches feature a body made from African Blackwood that has been sealed with an industrial sealer. The hardware is chrome stainless steel.
The keychain end unscrews to reveal a 7mm punch.
The punch tools are 3″ long not included the keychain and weigh around 1.5 oz.
Since these are a new product and I am just learning, to keep the price down, these do not come in a fancy box or anything. As I progress and get better and finalize a cool design, then comes the packaging.

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