Cigar Nub Tool




So I bought a wood lathe and have been trying my hand at turning wood and acrylic projects.

Since we are Cigar prop, I figured I’d make some cool cigar stuff. We now have cigar punches and nub tools made from high-grade acrylic.

The nub tools are 4.5″ closed and 5″ when opened and they all weigh around 1.5 oz.

Our nub tools are made from 3 different materials

Solid Acrylic

Acrylester (a blend of acrylic and polyester)

Diamond Cast (Epoxy resin with real gem quality diamond chips)


Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions8 × 5 × 1 in

black/white stripe fat, black/white stripe thin, Marble, Teal/Black, Light Blue/White, Dark Blue/White, Purple Haze, Rainbow Haze, Purple/Green Haze, Blue Starlight, Rainbow Bright, Blue Copper, Orange Sparkle, Purple/Teal Haze, Fat Blue Sparkle, Pink/Green Haze, Black/Red Sparkle, Thin Blue Sparkle, Fat Rainbow, Orange/Yellow Haze


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