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I have always hated having to place my cigar in a dirty ashtray, but there was really no alternative.
So one day while I was playing around with my metal lathe, I noticed some scrap aluminum bar stock laying off to the side. Well, I just happen to be smoking a cigar at the time, and it struck me. Why not make a little cigar stand,
So I made one and started using it. Well, a few of my friends noticed it and they all wanted one also. They were very popular, so here we are today with the coolest cigar rest on the market.
I hope you enjoy your cigar prop as much as I enjoy making them for you. And remember to make sure you give your cigars, the props they deserve.
The Cigar prop should last a lifetime of abuse.
**CNC machined from 6061 Aircraft Aluminum and nickel plated to a high shine finish.
**The Rook is 2″ tall, 1 1/8″ wide and weighs 3 ounces.
**The Cigar prop will handle many sizes of cigars up to a 60 ring gauge

**When buying any Cigar prop, feel free to add one of our torch lighters, Travel XC’s or a cigar cutter for a discount.

Cigar prop, home of the best cigar rest and cigar accessories in the industry.

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Weight6 oz


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