Cigar prop tattoo machine grip


If you are into tattoos and cigars, this is the cigar rest for you!

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They are finally back in stock!

Early last year we did a limited run of these and since they sold fast, we decided to do one final run.

These were made for my tattoo artist Butch by his father to be used in the production of Butch’s tattoo machines (they are never called tattoo guns btw), well Butch didn’t sell that many machines and instead of throwing them away, he hoarded them for 20 years. Well when Butch retired and moved to the mountains of North Carolina, he gave me all that he had left to do something with. I hung on to them for years until one day I sent a few over to my machine shop and had a small radius put in a few to see if they would work as a cigar rest. Well, they worked out great and as I said, that first run sold quick so here we are today. If you remember the first run, you’ll remember the radius that was milled out was left in the raw aluminum state, this time, after the machining process, we sent these to our plater to have the original anodizing stripped off then we had these re-anodized.

I have about 75 of these and once this run is gone, that’s it, there are no more. So if you are into tattoos and cigars, this is the cigar rest for you!

CNC machined from 6061 Aircraft Aluminum.

The Cigar prop tattoo machine grip is 2″ tall, 1″ wide and weighs 2 ounces.

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Matte Red, Gunmetal Grey


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