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These Cigar prop Travel XK’s are made of an extremely tough and durable acrylic called Kirinite that is mainly used to make high-quality knife handles.

These start off as sheets of Acrylic Kirinite and are laser cut to their final shape.

To keep costs down, these are not polished to a mirror finish like the matching Kirinite Nub Tools.

You can find the matching nub tools here →

Each half of these are 1 3/8″ x 2 1/8″ and a completed pair weighs just 1oz.

Each half of the  Arctic Blue, True Blood, Solar Flare, and Purple Haze is 3/16″ thick.

Each half of the Atomic Pink, Emerald Bay, and Lava is 1/8″ thick.


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Arctic Blue, True Blood, Atomic Pink, Emeral Bay, Solar Flare, Lava, Purple Haze


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