Cigar Torch Lighter


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Introducing our very first torch lighter.

Since we make cigar holders for the average guy, we figured why not add a cigar torch lighter for the average guy. So went about learning about lighters and lighter manufacturing. Over the course of many months, we learned a lot. The one thing that we learned that dissapointed us, is that you cannot get cigar lighters made here in the USA.

Since we found out we couldn’t get any that were made here, we did found out where everyone else was getting theirs made. China. No surprise. Everyone has theirs made in China. So after finding that out, we set about finding the best, most affordable lighter we could find. We eventually found a company that could produce a durable lighter for us at a reasonable price.

So after receiving samples of a few lighters within the price range we were looking for, we set about testing them. And when I say testing, I mean testing. These lighters were put throught the paces. After about a month of testing, all my testers came back with glowing reviews of 2 lighters. One of which you see here today.

It is an inexpensive durable lighter. This lighter will come unfilled and will need to be bled of air prior to filling and using.

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