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Cinnamon Irish beard balm takes me back to middle school when like most teenage boys, I found myself in constant competition with my friends. One thing we would always do is see who could keep a cinnamon Fireball candy in our mouths the longest. This cinnamon balm smells exactly like those cinnamon candies. It is strong and spicy but not overbearing — a delicious scent!

Cinnamon oil has natural analgesic properties, which means it is a natural painkiller. I guess that means if your beard hurts, Cinnamon will help.

Irish beard balm blends coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, hemp oil, and beeswax.

The ingredients in Irish beard balm are all-natural and certified organic. The balms contain absolutely no chemicals or artificial preservatives.

Unlike most other beard balms on the market, Irish beard balm’s recipe doesn’t include cocoa, shea or other kinds of butter that are used to thicken balms. In testing, I found that butters built up in my beard over time, making it heavy. After extensive research and development, I discovered a way to make balms that didn’t use butters and left my beard feeling light.

All Irish beard balms use the same base ingredients. The only difference between the variety of options is the essential oil used to create each of the fragrances.

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