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Miss Cigar prop is in love with everything copper!

With that being said, she was at an antique store and saw a copper pipe sign that she fell in love with but they were asking over $200 for it.
She is one crafty gal so she decided to make one for herself. And now she has made some for sale to our cigar loving friends and customers.

The lighter brownish wood that some of these are mounted to was taken from a 100-year-old barn in western North Carolina.
The wood has not been treated in any way.

The burnt colored wood that some of these are mounted to was taken from benches that were in a local BBQ restaurant that closed after over 50 years in business.
The wood was burned with a torch and finished with several coats of Danish Oil.

The copper has had an artificial patina applied via a fume chamber (it takes the natural patina process down from 10 years to 7 days) and then clear coated.

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