About us

Cigar prop is a brand, a journey, a way of life.

My name is Kevin Shahan, and I hail from the Sunny Gulf Coast of Florida.

Like most important tools in life, the Cigar Prop was born from necessity.

I was fooling around in my workshop one day while smoking a cigar and I faced a major problem: continually having to lay my cigar down on a filthy work surface. You might be thinking, “Well, why don’t you clean up your workspace?” The problem is that I’m constantly finding myself in places where I’m either having to use a dirty ashtray or worse.

When I took it to my local cigar lounge, a few guys loved them and wanted one. So I made a few, and here we are today.

Since then we have expanded our cigar accessory lineup to include many more items, from lighter bleeding to tools, to handmade cigar nub tools.

I hope you enjoy your Cigar prop accessories as much as I enjoy making them for you.

And remember to make sure you give your cigars the props they deserve.


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Cigar Prop

Changing your smoking experience one cigar at a time.

What is Cigar prop?

Cigar prop started off as one item, a simple cigar rest.

Over the years, cigar prop has morphed into something else, something greater.

Cigar prop is now a brand, a journey, a way of life. It is known as #propstyle

That simple cigar rest, has turned into a whole line of cigar accessories and apparel.

Cigar prop the YouTube brand, has become one of the fastest-growing cigar review channels on that platform.

We have one of the most-watched weekly live cigar shows, which broadcast live simultaneously on YouTube and several other platforms, called The I’d Tap That Cigar Show.

We have mentored others that have wanted to get into cigar reviewing.

And more importantly, we have helped guide numerous people with their Journey through the world of cigars.

So, remember, make sure you give your cigars the props they deserve. And remember, live #propstyle. 


– Me