Butane Lighter Air Bleed Tool Version 2.0


With this tool, you can successfully bleed the air out of your lighter so you can FINALLY refuel to the max.



We introduce to you the Butane Lighter Air Bleed Tool 2.0
After having made and sold over a thousand of our original bleed tools, I took to my machinist all the suggestions that people had.
The main thing people wanted to be able to put this tool on a keychain and keep it protected. So that’s what we did.
So now you can have your original version at home, and take this one on the go.
This butane lighter air bleed tool is designed to fit over the fill valve of your lighter and when pressed down, the air will come up through the tip and exit out of the holes near the handle.
These bodies are made of 6061 aluminum and the tips are brass.
The bodies of the Matte Red and Gunmetal Grey are anodized and the Silver ones are just plain aluminum with no coating.
The bodies of the brass ones are just left a raw machined finish brass.
This tool is 2″ long and a 1/2″ in diameter.
These are 100% made in the USA.
Patent pending.
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Aluminum, Brass, Gun Metal, Matte Red


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