Privada Cigar takes aim at the I’d Tap That Cigar Show.

On the evening of Thursday, September 7th, the I’d Tap That Cigar Show was graced by the presence of Brian Desind, the notable figure behind Privada Cigar.

However, the following day brought forth an unexpected twist when Cigar Public, an outlet under the Privada Cigar umbrella, published an article titled “Bias & Disrespect” that raised questions about the treatment Brian received on our show. In the article, there were insinuations that I, Kevin Shahan, the show’s host, had hidden motives underlying the questions I posed during the interview.

Moreover, the article ventured into a theory that caught many by surprise. It speculated that the appearance of the hashtags #wearetrash and #staytrashy on our TV screen during the broadcast might have been subliminal messaging aimed at Privada Cigar. In truth, these hashtags were associated with Trash Panda Cigars, and the connection was purely coincidental.

In stark contrast to Brian Desind, Privada Cigar, and Cigar Public, I firmly believe in empowering our audience to form their own opinions. For this reason, I am providing you with both the link to the interview and the article. While I recommend watching the interview first to gain context, you are welcome to read the article beforehand if you prefer.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,

Kevin D. Shahan, Host of the I’d Tap That Cigar Show

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