Zev Kaminetsky Named VP of Sales for Fratello Cigars

Fratello Cigars has announced the hiring of Zev Kaminetsky as the new VP of Sales for Fratello Cigars.  Kaminetsky is a cigar industry veteran, having spent nearly 15 years with Camacho, Drew Estate & most recently as National Sales Director for Royal Agio Cigars USA (Balmoral Premium Cigars).  

Fratello Cigars Owner, Omar de Frias, noted:

“I’ve known Zev since before I started Fratello.  His professionalism, work ethic, and family values fit right into our culture of hard work.  I respect his commitment and the reputation he has worked so hard to build with the hundreds of brick and mortars and consumers he has come across with.  I can’t be any more excited to welcome Zev to our small family.”

Kaminetsky added:
“I first met Omar on a trip thru the Washington, DC area with Jose Blanco while he still worked at NASA. I immediately recognized his passion for, as well as knowledge of, Premium Cigars & Tobacco. When he started Fratello Cigars a few years later, I knew it would not only be an amazing experience for him, but that his presence would have an instant & lasting effect on our industry. Watching what he has achieved in such a short time is a testament what he brings to the table, and I look forward to learning from him as we take the Fratello brand to the next level.”

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